It’s a smart business move to have an updated website and it’s even more important to understand the recent privacy laws put into place to make sure you’re compliant with them.

In early 2018, 50 million Facebook users’ data got hacked. You may have experienced this first-hand, unfortunately. This set into motion numerous Facebook and internet users requesting more strict online security measures. There are tracking devices on websites called Pixels. These Pixels collect data about every visitor that goes to the website. From here, these can connect with Facebook and other social medias where you can be retargeted and advertised to while on the platform. This plays a large part in how Facebook makes money and keeps their platform free to users.

While this was in the fine print in Facebook’s Terms & Conditions, many people were upset upon this discovery. Have you noticed more “Cookie notices” on websites recently? That’s because the company has a global/European audience. As a worldwide brand, they are required by law to state clearly that there are “Cookies” tracking a customer’s movement throughout the site. You can either approve or disapprove this, giving customers more say in how their information is being used. This is an example of the notice that Nike uses:

Why does this matter for your business? It’s important to keep up with the latest legislation updates to keep your business protected. While these changes are only to those with a European audience, Mark Zuckerberg commented that these changes would be implemented worldwide. Learn the changes now to ensure you’re compliant as they’re officially set in place. Do you have more questions on starting/maintaining your business? Our experienced business law attorneys can help. Give us a call at 435-752-2610.