Since we started this blog about our law firm and Utah law, we’ve wondered if other law firms or sole practitioners in the Logan and the Cache Valley area are maintaining law blogs. We like the idea of a blog because it helps to keep the general public informed as to what we’re doing as a firm as well as keeping them informed of any new and interesting aspects of the law in Utah.

It appears that there are only two law firms with offices in Logan that maintain a law blog. Besides our firm, the only other law blog we found is published by Randal Crane Attorneys. As a public resource on Utah law, it doesn’t provide much information, but it’s still nice to see what’s going on at their firm.

We also have examined several similar blogs from the State of Utah as a whole. The following list is by no means a complete or exhaustive list of law blogs or websites dedicated to Utah law, as we’ve omitted any that haven’t been updated in 2009; nonetheless, here are a few links to other Utah law blogs and websites:

1. S.J. Quinney College of Law

While this website is more of a recruitment tool for prospective University of Utah law students; it has good information about Utah legal matters and events in general. It tracks the activities and speaking events of Utah law professors, which can be a great resource for the curious.

2. Brigham Young University

Again, while this website is more of a recruitment tool for prospective Brigham Young University law students; it has good information about Utah legal matters and events in general. Furthermore, it has links to law articles and upcoming events that can also be a great resource.

3. Utah DUI Trail Lawyer Blog

This is a good resource for anyone who is facing charges for driving under the influence. The latest post, which derides a proposed DUI registry in Davis County, is a good read. At Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen, we handle all types of criminal matters, including DUI cases.

4. Utah Family Law Blog

This has some great resources on alimony as well as divorce education for children.

5. Utah Divorce and Family Law Blog

This is another great resource for family law in Utah. They have a good amount of information on tax issues involving divorce and alimony. At Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen, we practice in all areas of family law as well.

6. Utah Insurance Law Blog

This is a blog that is great for lawyers and attorneys in Utah, but not so fun for people who don’t like legalese. Their most recent post is titled, “Utah Supreme Court Considers What Constitutes a ‘Product’ for Determining if the Case is Subject to the Product Liability Two Year Statute of Limitations.”


Along with HAO’s law blog, there are some excellent resources for Utah law online. However, we always need to caution and note that law blogs are never intended to replace an actual lawyer and the information on them should not be taken as professional legal advice in any way. Please read our disclaimer here for additional information. If you have any other questions, please contact us using the form on the right side of this page. Law blogs can, however, be helpful resources when used properly. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions concerning the blog or any area of the law. We will do our best to address specific questions as they are posted. Also, please feel free to contact our offices at 435.752.2610 to see how we can further assist you in handling your legal needs.