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Real estate law is frequently changing in Utah. As a property owner, landlord, buyer or tenant, it is important that you know your legal rights and obligations. Purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property is an important decision to make so understanding real estate law is paramount. There’s also a lot of paperwork involved in most real estate transactions. Our real estate attorneys at Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen are here to help you avoid the common mistakes that others experience when buying, selling or leasing real property. Let us help you during this exciting time in your life! Our real estate lawyers understand the importance of this decision and are here to ensure that you’re happy with it.

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What is Real Estate Law?

Real property law, also known as real estate law or land law, is the legal field that deals with ownership and other rights related to real estate. It encompasses both the transfer of ownership and all associated legal matters. As such, understanding real property laws and regulations can be crucial when making decisions regarding buying or selling a home or other piece of land.

When attempting to understand what is involved in real estate law, it is important to know some key terms. Titles are documents that establish proof of ownership for a given piece of real estate. Boundaries define lines created by governmental units which delineate where one parcel stops and another begins. Covenants are restrictions imposed on certain types of activities within particular parcels; these restrictions may be enforced by third parties who own an interest in that parcel’s title. Contracts refer generally to agreements between two parties which create obligations for either side; this could include purchasing contracts for homes or leases for tenants renting from an individual landlord.

Other Real Estate Law Topics

Some important topics regarding real property law include adverse possession cases (when someone else acquires rights over your land through their actions), eminent domain proceedings (when governments take your land from you against your will), easements (rights granted by one owner allowing access across another’s land), and water rights (who owns the right to use water passing through their property. All these topics can make understanding what constitutes a valid claim difficult without proper guidance.

In addition to being familiar with relevant terminology, knowing how taxes affect transactions involving properties is essential since they directly impact income generated from rental opportunities as well as purchase prices buyers must pay sellers in order exchange titles successfully; failure here crashes any attempt at closing deals quickly! The tax code changes often so staying up-to-date pays dividends no matter the transaction size while capital gains taxes obviously require paying  close attention to.

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Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen is a full-service residential and commercial real estate law firm with decades of experience in the state of Utah. Our team offers personalized, professional legal advice and services to meet all of your real estate needs. Whether you are buying or selling a property, seeking legal guidance on landlord/tenant matters, need assistance with leasing negotiating, or are dealing with other business related to your real estate transactions, we can provide the legal real estate expertise and support needed for success. With our exceptional customer service and commitment to excellence, Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen stands out as the trusted source for all of your real estate law needs. You can count on our team of real estate attorneys.

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