Starting a business should be an exciting time in your life! However, it can quickly become a stressor if you haven’t done your research on the formalities of starting a business. We’ll be sharing some advice to get you started on the right foot as you venture off to this new opportunity.

– Own your name. During the early stages of starting your business, it’s important to make sure the name you’ve chosen is one with an available trademark and internet domain name. Failure to properly obtain a trademark for your name can put your potential business at risk, not to mention the money you’ve already invested in your new business up to this point.
– Get up to date on current business laws. Do your research so as you consult with an attorney, you’re educated on the topic and are able to ask questions for clarification. It’s important to understand the regulations, licenses, and tax laws you will need to follow.
– Educate yourself on employee laws. As soon as you hire your first employee, your legal obligations as an employer are in effect. For your business to succeed, you need to have satisfied employees, it’s as simple as that.

These tips we’ve mentioned above are important, but our number one tip is to meet with an attorney who specializes in business law before going forward with anything. Our team of business law attorneys are experienced in this area and can guide you through the complex process to help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes. When you work with an attorney at Hillyard, Anderson, & Olsen, your success is our priority. Together, as a team, we’ll work to ensure your new business venture reaches its full potential.