Hillyard, Anderson, Olsen began when Lyle Hillyard and his law school friend, Lanny Gunnell graduated from the University of Utah. As the two discussed their future plans, they decided to move to Logan, Utah and start their own firm.  At that time, many attorneys in Cache Valley were retiring or leaving the valley, leaving a great opportunity in the legal field.  So, Hillyard and Gunnell Law Firm was born.

The firm started out with few clients and a location in the old professional plaza at 150 east 200 north in Logan. Reed Nielson and Newell Daines helped the firm out immensely in those early days. Thad Carlson, manager of Mountain Bell, used his creative abilities to help us work out an easy-to-remember phone number

The founders borrowed $5000 from Walker Bank for their very first business loan. Both Lanny and Lyle’s fathers had to be co-signers on the loan. Their first secretary, Anita, also played a large role in creating a successful firm.She had previously worked for a firm in Salt Lake and used her know-how to get everything set up and well-organized.

Throughout the years, we have been proud to offer quality legal advice and counsel for Cache Valley. Though our name has changed many times since the early years, we still strive to maintain our reputation as one of Cache Valley’s premier law firms.