The college years are great chance for young people to learn more about themselves, gain a broader understanding of the world around them, and make choices regarding their futures. Part of the college experience is protesting and using their First Amendment rights.

Recently, Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill that helps promote freedom of campus speech and protects students’ rights to protest. This bill affirms that public college campuses are a place for young people to express themselves and their views.

This bill also protects the rights of public university students to peacefully gather, protest or speak, distribute literature, carry signs or circulate a petition at universities, without needing specific permission from the school. This can help promote positive discussion between groups and allow students to understand the different issues, theories, and ideas that can influence their lives.

Rep. Kim Coleman, R-Salt Lake, the sponsor of this bill said the following about the bill: “[It] simply affirms many Supreme Court rulings that government property is a free speech area.”