With food trucks on the rise as ways to enjoy delicious, unique food, Utah Food Truck owners will have an easier time traveling to different cities throughout Utah!

Before January 2017, in order to serve food in a food truck, you had to have a different license for each county you would travel to. Each county fee could range from $10 to $520.

On January 23 in the Utah Legislative Session, Senator Henderson proposed a new bill to streamline the regulation process for food trucks. The bill (SB250) would allow food trucks that comply with statewide standards of safety and fire inspections to be eligible to purchase licensure in multiple cities without having to jump through the same hoops in those cities. SB250 also removes the ability for cities to prohibit where trucks are allowed to park, specifically in regards to other food establishments.

Food truck business owners are still required to have yearly health and fire safety inspections each year.

In hopes to ease the process for food truck owners, the bill was signed by Governor Herbert on March 20, 2017. This bill was effective starting May 9, 2017.

There was no money appropriated in this bill.