One of the major issues many parents are concerned about during divorce proceedings is the battle over child custody. If both parents can’t come to an agreement on their own, the court considers numerous different factors to come to a custody decision. Today, we’re breaking down a couple of the main factors they would consider to give you some more clarity on custody proceedings in court.
A couple of questions that are heavily considered include “Who is the child’s primary caretaker?” and “What is in the child’s best interest?” In some cases, the judge may take into account the child’s preferences as well as numerous other factors. However, these two questions listed above are the main focus in a court decision on custody.
In the situation where the divorcing parents can come to a decision on their own, as long as they can create a suitable visitation and living schedule, there’s usually no involvement of the court. In this case, the custody decision is mainly up to the parents involved.
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