Congress has changed the estate tax laws pursuant to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, providing newer and simpler options for many estates. The law may affect your estate plan; and, if you have not yet put such a plan in place, now is an excellent time to take advantage of an opportunity to protect your loved ones and minimize their burdens, expenses, and tax costs associated with your estate. There are also recently adopted Advanced Health Care Directives in the State of Utah, which go much further and cover more needs than the old living wills and special medical powers that were used prior to 2008.

This is an excellent time for you to visit with one of our estate planning attorneys, to evaluate your needs, and help you take advantage of new provisions which could simplify your life, and save on burdens of administration and reduce or eliminate income and estate taxes for your family. For anyone who contacts our firm for an estate evaluation and review, prior to May 1, 2013, we are offering a free half-hour initial consultation, and a $50.00 discount from any new, complete estate plan.

We are eager to explain to you just what the documents are that you should consider for a complete estate plan, and answer your questions, and review your current documents to see if they are adequate and accomplish your present desires for estate planning. If you do have an estate plan currently, let’s review it and bring it current. Often, that may only involve a simple amendment. If you don’t have a current estate plan, let’s help you put things in order, and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are prepared, and comfortable in having the documents that take advantage of all of the law’s expanded opportunities for you and your loved ones.