What is Emancipation?

Emancipation refers to a court process in which a minor becomes self-supporting and assumes adult responsibility for their own welfare. Throughout this process, the court considers the minority’s best interests and maturity while making a decision on emancipation. Whether the minor can support themselves financially is also something that is considered throughout this process. 

What are the Benefits of Emancipation?

A minor could have numerous different reasons for petitioning for emancipation, however, these are the common benefits of emancipation:

  • The minor can enter into a contract without an adult’s consent. They can enter into leases, rentals, and purchase agreements by themselves. 
  • The minor can enroll in a school of their choice.
  • Health decisions are left up to the minor.
  • The minor can keep all income that they earn.
  • The minor can apply for public benefits.

There are certain limitations on emancipation that vary based on where you live. If you have questions regarding emancipation, our Family Law attorneys can help. There are many situations in which emancipation is a positive option, but it can often be a difficult process. We take pride in providing individualized legal care to guide our clients as they make important and oftentimes, life-altering decisions. It’s important to choose an attorney that you know you can trust and has your best interest in mind. We’re here to help, you can trust us to provide the high-quality legal care that you are looking for.