The rights protected by the sixth amendment are there to ensure a defendant gets a fair trial. Do you know your sixth amendment rights? If you or a loved one have been charged criminally, it’s important to understand the rights within the sixth amendment and how these apply to you.

What Does the Sixth Amendment Cover?

The sixth amendment guarantees the right to counsel throughout all significant stages of a criminal proceeding. There are also other rights that are covered under this amendment. These include:

  • A trial by a jury (in most cases).
  • The jury to hear all of the witnesses and see all of the evidence.
  • Presence at the trial and while the jury is hearing the case.
  • The opportunity to see, hear, and confront the witnesses presenting the case against them.
  • The opportunity to call witnesses and to have the court issue subpoenas to compel the witnesses to appear.
  • The chance to testify themselves should they choose to do so.
  • The option to refuse to testify.
  • The right to cross-examine the witnesses giving testimony against them.
  • The right to compel the state to prove its case against them beyond a reasonable doubt.

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