Raising a child is hard enough, without stressing about whether you qualify for or are receiving your child support payments. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone in navigating through this complex legal situation. Our Family Law attorneys are well-versed in the ins and outs of child support and can help you with any questions you have. 

Child support is defined as a monthly payment that a non-primary physical parent pays to the parent that has primary physical custody to help cover their child’s expenses. Fines or even jail time can be imposed on a parent for not keeping up with their child support payments.

Guide to Getting Child Support

Eligibility: Only primary physical parents are eligible for child support. This parent is the one primarily responsible for the child’s day-to-day needs. However, being a primary physical parent itself does not qualify you for getting child support. When you work with our Family Law attorneys, they can guide you through the other legal and practical matters to help you understand if you qualify. When you choose an attorney at Hillyard, Anderson, & Olsen, you can trust that you’ll receive the professional quality of a large law firm with the attention given to you of a small law firm with individualized guidance. 

Amount You Can Receive

This is largely based on parents’ incomes, living expenses, and the needs of the child(ren). Laws vary based on the state you’re living in. Our Family Law attorneys are licensed to serve those in both Utah and Idaho, ensuring you’re receiving the best guidance based on the laws specific to where you live. 

We understand and honor the trust placed in us when you choose our Family Law attorneys to work with. When you become a client of ours, you can expect to be treated with personalized care and know that the important details will be taken care of.