During the summer, the amount of bicycle injuries skyrockets. While bike accidents can seem trivial, the most serious accidents can leave those injured with trauma, both physical and mental. Even with the proper protective gear, you’re at risk for things such as road rash, broken bones, head or brain injury, and spinal cord injuries, often due to the carelessness of others.

Today, we’re sharing some tips on how to stay safe during your bike rides in hopes of raising awareness of these accidents and lowering the amount of them.

Always ride with the flow of traffic, making it a priority to follow all traffic laws. You should be stopping at red lights, stop signs, and avoiding walkways.
Choose residential areas rather than congested roads or highways while riding. The speed limits are lower in these areas with less traffic, putting you less at risk for an accident.
Wear bright clothing or reflectors. This allows cars and other motorists to see you clearly, especially if it’s dark or foggy outside.
Use the proper hand signals. This protects you and others surrounding you as you ride.

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