About Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen Law Office


The law office of Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen has been providing quality legal representation to clients across northern Utah since the 1960s. Over the past several decades, HAO has broadened its business horizons, and our versatile team of attorneys, proficient in several languages, provides a diverse range of legal services.

These encompass personal injury, real estate, mediation, commercial law, immigration matters, criminal law, family law and divorce cases. It also offers non-litigation services, such as business and estate planning, for individuals and businesses throughout Utah and Idaho.

HAO’s attorneys are dedicated, hard-working individuals with the depth of experience needed to stay current with the latest trends in the legal field. Collectively, the attorneys speak six languages and specialize in seventeen areas of law.

Three former members of the firm have been appointed Utah judges, a fact that attests to the quality of legal services provided by Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen.

All attorneys are licensed in Utah, and several in Idaho.

At Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen, we are committed to delivering exceptional legal representation and achieving the best results for you. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs and let us assist you in finding effective solutions.