Have you heard of Utah’s, “Zero Fatalities” goal? In hopes of strengthening Utah’s impaired driving laws and reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths on our roads, Governor Herbert has signed the bill that makes changes to Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety revisions In 2019, Utah’s Blood-Alcohol Content (“BAC”) will move from .08 to .05 for drunk driving.

According to governorblog.utah.gov, drivers with BACs of .05%–.079%, are seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash (single-vehicle) than drivers with no alcohol in their system. The chart, provided by governorblog.utah.gov, reports a general account of what happens as your BAC rises:

Governor Herbert commented, “ Our primary objective with the enactment of any new law is to improve the quality of life and safety of our citizens. This law will save lives, therefore it is good public policy and will move us closer to achieving our goal of “Zero Fatalities.””