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3 Tips to Make Utah Roads Safer this Summer

At the end of May, Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days start. This means that during these summer months, fatal crashes on the road nearly double. It’s our responsibility to learn how to make Utah roads safer and to implement meaningful changes. Today, we’re sha

Workman’s Comp vs. Personal Injury

When you’re injured, your finances can take a huge hit. Not to mention the emotional and physical distress that you may experience. If you’ve been injured while on the job, you are entitled to a workman’s compensation claim and compensation.  You

Utah Landlord and Tenant Law

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you have certain rights that apply specifically to you. There are also certain guidelines and laws that you should be aware of. Today, we’re sharing some basic rights and laws that could have a significant impact

Land Use and Zoning Basics

Land use and zoning refers to the regulation of use and development of real estate. Land-use regulation is not restricted to guiding the use of existing buildings, rather it is designed to guide future development. The basic purpose of zoning is to div

Why You Need an Attorney In Real Estate

Purchasing a home can easily be one of the largest purchasing decisions that you face. It’s important to be completely confident as you move forward with a purchase like this. Because of the importance of this decision, it’s incredibly valuable to work

When You Need a Tax Law Attorney

If you’ve ever tried to keep up on the ever-changing tax laws, you understand how complex it can be. This is why choosing an attorney whose expertise is in tax law can be beneficial to you. There are numerous reasons why you would want to reach out to

Factors for Custody Arrangements

One of the major issues many parents are concerned about during divorce proceedings is the battle over child custody. If both parents can’t come to an agreement on their own, the court considers numerous different factors to come to a custody decision.

Emancipation Law in Utah

Emancipation is a court process through which a minor becomes a legal adult, independent from guardians financially and legally. Depending on the state you live in, the age in which a minor can petition for emancipation varies. In Utah, the minimum age

Equitable, Not Equal

Do you know the difference between the words equitable and equal? They are not synonyms for each other and, in the case of a divorce, it’s important to know the difference. In Utah, the law requires an equitable division of assets during a divorce. In

Divorce Terms You Should Know

Going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult time in your life. Once the decision to divorce has been made, the first step you should take is to find an attorney to represent you. Here at Hillyard, Anderson, & Olsen, our team of Family Law att