Why You Need an Attorney In Real Estate

Purchasing a home can easily be one of the largest purchasing decisions that you face. It’s important to be completely confident as you move forward with a purchase like this. Because of the importance of this decision, it’s incredibly valuable to work with an attorney throughout this process. Working with an attorney who specializes in Real Estate can help you to avoid the common issues that can arise from vague or unclear terms while purchasing real estate.

Purchase agreements. Our attorneys who specialize in Real Estate are knowledgeable about what needs to be included or altered within the agreement. This is one of the single most important documents throughout the purchasing process, it’s important to work with someone with a deep understanding of the subject who can help you navigate this process.

Title search specifics. Your attorney can help you understand the specifics of any existing and prospective zoning that your title search does not include. A lawyer can explain whether zoning prohibits a two-family home, or whether planned improvements violate zoning ordinances.

Representation during the closing process. This can often be confusing to both the buyer and seller, which is a good reason to have your attorney there to represent you and ensure your rights.

Purchasing or Selling? Choose an Attorney to Help.
When you choose an attorney at Hillyard, Anderson, & Olsen, you’ll receive the best legal care and representation. We’re here for this exciting time in your life, let us help you avoid common mistakes and ensure purchasing or selling real estate goes smoothly.

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